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light language, intuitive/visionary art, sacred geometry, spirit animal, totem animal

About me

Hello everybody! 

My name is Jessica. I'm an intuitive artist. I've been interested in and doing art since I was a child. Spirituality has also always sparked my interest, and spiritual growth has been, and is, an important part of my journey.

I aim with my art to inspire, uplift, encourage and awaken the essence we were born with, to offer strength, hope, and support on our path to growth.

With my art, I try to convey the essence of our soul along with light codes which facilitate our being able to absorb these essences as they aid and guide us with wisdom and support.

What are light language codes?

Light language codes are encoded energy patterns and messages that are aligned with our own internal DNA codes, many of which may lie dormant until awakened by vibration, sound, a visual stimulant; such as light language codes provide.

They can be very ancient and very intertwined with sacred geometry, which is abundant in nature, and wish to become one with our divine self.

What is my process like?

As I sketch and draw, I create the geometry and light codes, letting my intuition and their impulses guide me. During this entire process, I keep your picture by me to make sure your energy is always present, as these are custom-tailored drawings and codes.

Once I have completed that part of the process, I activate the light codes so that when you view and focus on them, they subconsciously active in you what may be dormant and needs to be activated. Many clients have reported feeling these codes and activations very deeply. Yet, whether one feels them or not, they are always at work for you.

I always recommend printing the image so that you can look at it as often as possible. These codes are energy patterns that align with your energy to support you.

How do the codes work with our spirit or totem animals?

Animals are multi-dimensional beings that have their own messages and symbolism, and light codes. They bring us diverse, yet specific support, and strengthen our characteristics as they match our own.

By visually seeing and meditating on their messages, and light codes, you may feel the power of the light codes, as they permeate your mind, heart, spirit, and subconscious.

I can either connect to one of your animal guides and bring a light language through specific just for you or I can bring forth a light code from an animal that you choose.

How does my activation art help You?

By visually seeing and meditating on their messages, through their light codes, you are supported by the characteristics of the spirit animal it represents for you. You may feel the power of the light codes, as they permeate your mind, heart, spirit, and subconscious.

If you have any questions please feel free to drop a pm!

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