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Empowered Activation Oracle Deck of 44 Soul Portraits

I'm calling in 44 unique individuals who feel called to be part of an original card deck, who want to share their unique energy with the world.


Each soul carries eternal wisdom.


Your light can be a gift to others. Your energy will be like a bridge between your divine essence and the collective - helping the world while activating aspects within you. 


My intention with this project is to create something different and empowering. We are all unique in our own ways of being, and we all have something valuable to share with the world with our eternal divine essence.


The activations in them will be for the individual and for the collective respectively.  


I know that the specific 44 individuals who respond, will feel the deeper calling to be part of this and I am excited to birth this unique concept into the world with you. 


What is a Soul Portrait?


A Soul Portrait Activation helps you connect deeper with your soul's purpose and intentions and to Source where every soul derives its life force from. There are many different and multidimensional layers to a soul's essence. These codes are intuitive and will constantly adjust according to your vibration as you grow and evolve, always with the best interest and intentions of your higher self. 


I can already feel the collective energy behind this project that wants to be birthed and it's amazing and powerful!

light language, intuitive/visionary art, sacred geometry, spirit animal, totem animal
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